Decorating a rental apartment

Decorating a rental apartment in easy ways

Easy ways to upgrade your rental apartment with my reversible designer tips so that you can get 100% of your security deposit back.

This blog is also for those who can’t commit or you’re simply looking to make minor upgrades to your rental apartment.

Let’s start with upgrading the living room

I’m sure you guys have seen all of those pugilistic wallpapers or temporary wallpapers that you can put on your wall and then quickly removed.

You’re probably wondering, does it work? They do work, and not only do they work, but they also come in so many different options whether you’re looking for a water mural or something geometric.

They even offer Peel and Stick wallpaper that looks like tiny subway tiles or any other pattern.

Are you searching for something with a bit of extra structure and depth? You can also DIY removable fabric walls.

It’s so simple to do.

You get liquid storage, you put it out in a paint tray, and with a foam roller, you’ll be applying the fabric directly onto your walls and rolling it right on it works

the same way as a peel and stick wallpaper, you have to trim it off with a box cutter or scissors.

The great thing about fabric walls is that it’s super durable.

It dries overnight, and once it’s dried, it almost feels like a canvas. At the end of your lease, it’ll be so easy to remove.

All you do is start peeling it right off the walls,

and if there’s a little residue left overall, you need is hot water and a sponge, and you can wipe it right off.

Updating your window treatments

Another upgrade for rentals I love is simply updating your window treatments

I love a soft gauzy shear over blackout panels,

don’t worry. You have blinds already in place, and you can easily pull blinds right up and then layer the treatments right over them.

If you’re willing to swap out the blinds for something a little bit more textured,

I love bamboo lines are linear and roman shades. It is a fast fix, but it makes a globe of distinction aesthetically.

Install a picture rail Instead of instead shelves

Why don’t you try a long picture rail?

I love the multiple functionalities of a picture rail, and you can use it for your photos or your friends,

use it for books, and even as a bit of caddy for your nail polish. There are so many various ways you could use it. The longer you get, the more options you have.

Purchase area rug for apartment space

I love to use area rugs to define a room space, don’t worry about your rental apartment already has carpet.

You can layer the area rug right over the carpet as long as it’s a short pile.

Upgrading the kitchen

Many landlords will permit you to repaint a space, but many people don’t want to invest all that time, effort, energy, and money, a quick fix around that would be to paint a portion of the wall.

I use painter’s tape to mark out a large rectangle shape on the wall.

I then installed wire baskets, little wooden boxes. You can use them to house a bottle opener, even a DIY wine rack.

Everything is pretty much screwed right into the accent wall and can be repurposed for your feature home.

You can purchase sticky vinyl mats to lay right over the floor

It also works for bathrooms and trees, even walls, anywhere where you’re trying to disguise really old horrible-looking tile.

Think about swapping out your cabinet knobs and upgrading them.

They are the one thing in the apartment that you’ve touched every day.

You can also upgrade your kitchen faucet. It’s so easy to swap out yourself.

Just think about purchasing a finish that you could repurpose in your future home.

Add  a removable backsplash

Aside from that accent wall in the kitchen, I think one of the upgrades that made such a huge impact was the backslash. I had purchased these vinyl placemats in a graphic plaid pattern.

I use spray adhesive to apply it directly onto the walls, and then all of a sudden, you have this instant new backsplash,

it’s also super easy to remove. You peel it right off with a sponge and hot water, but if that seems like it’s a little bit too much job for you.

They also make removable tile backsplashes.

Upgrading your bedroom

The most significant impact you can make in a bedroom is the bed.

Think about upgrading your bed to an upholstered panel headboard. Look for something tall if you want it to span the vertical height of the wall.

That way, you won’t even have to put artwork on the walls as it already fills up that space.

Lighting upgrade in your bedroom

Add cool LED light strips in your closet to light up your clothes and accessories.

Bonus points for being able to use that in the kitchen under cabinets as well.

have all of your lights on dimmers in your apartment, and it’s mainly an intelligent move for the bedroom so that you can control the mood in there.

You can place a floor lamp in a dark corner or flame table lights on a sofa table.

Adding extra storage

Rental apartments usually have teeny tiny bathrooms and lack of storage,

I love to use wicker baskets for storage.

Not only do they add texture to space, but you can also use it as a catch-all caddy for virtually any other room in the home.

Upgrading the bathroom

If you hate the look of the shower tile or the bathtub, you can install a tension rod without damaging the tile and put a lovely shower curtain in front of it.

If you want that Luxe spa feeling, Change out the showerhead or handheld Spray.

Lighting upgrade in your bathroom

upgrades your vanity lights to something new.

Ensure that there’s no clause in the lease agreement that the landlord doesn’t let you mess with the wiring if this is something you’re willing to endeavor.

Overhead lighting is not the best in an apartment, which is why I love the look of layered lighting in a room.

Upgrade your rental apartment by adding plants

So many ways to add brightness to the home and make you feel uplifted as well And my go-to tip for decorating is to add plants.

We all know how much indoor plants can affect your well being and your mindset,

I feel so much better living amongst my bungalow, especially in cramped quarters where I feel like I want to bring the outside in plants, really lift my spirits.

Of course, you also want to invest in really cool planters, like hanging ones are these mid-century texts that I found.

Think as an investment in a temporary space

I know you guys feel as though you don’t want to make a massive investment into your space, sometimes it’s complicated to justify spending a specific amount on design or decor, but I look at it like it’s an investment into yourself,

not necessarily your home; when you’re shopping for these decor and design items, think about how you can reuse them and repurpose them in your forever home.

When you spend the money, think long-term, quality materials, handmade decor, sentimental items you can take with you, or even pieces you know you can rework in your new space.

Think about it as an investment to yourself, not merely an investment in a temporary space

Imagine if you’re renting for the next ten years.

Are you going to wait another ten years before you decide that?

You worth this home decor piece that makes you so happy.

It might just feel practical for them right now, but to me, that is in no way inspiring. You are worth it.

You are worth that fantastic thing that you know you’re going to take with you to your new house, or your worth is a fabulous rug. It feels soft and comfy underfoot.

Being surrounded by things you love makes you feel outstanding, and you wake up inspired every day

Overall, have fun with it. Your rental can serve as a bit of a design lab for you to experiment with finishes, decor accessories, pretty much what not to do, and what you’re over with by the time you move on to your forever home.

You’ll be less likely to make those mistakes.

That’s all about my renter-friendly tips for apartment decorating.

Remember that these are vital investments that you’re making not only towards the interior design, before your well-being and your mental health.

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