Making small space look more prominent

Make A Small Room Space look Bigger In Easy Ways

Making small space look more prominent in your house

if you’re not currently in the middle of a mini home makeover.

You probably feel claustrophobically cramped, maybe even sick of your space.

I have fun tips and tricks for you all about making your small space feel larger.

My favorite way to make a small room feel more significant is to use every inch of vertical height on your walls.

How to paint and make your space look bigger

Take a look around your room right now and let me know if you have any crown molding;

if you don’t have any problem loading, the walls meet the ceiling. The best way to make that small space feel larger is to paint the walls in the ceiling the same color.

If the walls and the ceilings are of the same color, your eyes naturally will draw from the walls onto the top; there’s no visual line break. Therefore it makes the spacing larger.

Paint wall and molding the same color and paint the ceiling a contrasting color

What are the designer’s tricks if you have molding installed, from base molding to crown molding?

I love to paint the base, the walls, and the crown molding in one color and paint the ceiling in a contrasting color, maybe something a little lighter to draw the eye.

Typical crown molding is installed on the walls to the ceiling.

So it just out to the ceiling, about a couple of inches.

If you paint your base molding the walls and the Crown at the same color, it looks as though that color is traveling up into your ceiling, therefore elongating the look of the walls and making your walls look taller.

Paint Or wallpaper the ceiling only

If that’s just too much painting for you, you can paint the ceiling in a contrasting color or, if you’re feeling fancy, wallpaper the ceiling.

This method would only add a great dash of color and draw your eye up, injecting the room with color or pattern without sacrificing any space.

Try tone-on-tone to make your room look bigger is

Tone-on-tone means furniture, and all the decor and accessories in this space are the same tones as the color of your walls, whether your walls are a darker color or a lighter hue.

This allows the entire rooms of London and takes up a lot less visual space, and It’s kind of like a head-to-toe monochromatic look for a petite girl with me; it’s my favorite trick to make me look even like a petite girl with me taller.

Another trick I like to use to make small spaces seem larger is to keep everything neutral

I love a bold pattern and many vibrant colors; they can often look too busy and feel cramped in a tiny space, whereas neutral rooms give your area a little more visual breathing room.

You can also paint the room in a dark color and have contrasting light, bright white furniture in the space,

a typical design myth is that dark walls close everything in, but once you contrast it with light, bright white furniture,

it makes the walls recede, and the entire room appears more extensive than it is.

So the trick is if you have dark walls, don’t anchor your bed with dark bedding. You want crisp white sheets to pop off in the space and make the whole room look larger.

Moving on to furniture, I want you to look around in your living room right

Is there a mismatch of a bunch of smaller pieces of furniture, or is there only one large sofa and sectional to anchor space

Opt for a few large pieces instead of a bunch of small pieces

Opting for fewer larger pieces makes the room look larger versus having many separate furniture pieces that make the room look more cramped.

The best solution for your small space is to get sectional sectionals to maximize every square inch of your living room versus a sofa set of chairs.

Another visual trick I like to use is designing your space with see-through furniture

Instead of a wood or metal coffee table, try a glass or even Lucite coffee table; anytime you can see through furniture, it opens up space and visually makes everything look more prominent.

Bonus points for a glass tabletop, glass tops will bounce all of that beautiful natural light coming into your space and reflected around the entire room.

Another way to make your small space seem more extensive is with low-back furniture

What does low-back furniture mean?

It simply means specifying sofas and chairs with low backs.

In a traditional setting, you might see a high back wing chair or a Camelback sofa.

Anything with tall backs automatically takes up half of the space already, so look for clean, modern lines and lower profiles if you have a smaller space.

Try furniture with legs to make your small spacing larger

Check out yourself or right now, does yourself, have a base or skirt underneath it.

Since that piece of furniture is low to the ground, visually, it’ll take up more ground space than a skirted sofa.

You might want to try a cell phone with really clean, modern legs, sofas, and chairs with Taslan legs create more of an open field versus pieces that sit directly on the ground or have a skirted basis.

One of the essential designer tips for making your small space seem larger is to scale the furniture proportional to your area

If you have a teeny tiny living room, don’t decorate it with huge pieces of furniture, and while you’re at it, you need to get rid of that recliner stat upright. It might feel nice and neat.

But the minute you lay back, it’s taking up so much space. Nothing feels more cramped than a chair that’s taking up half of your room.

Can lighting arrangement in the room make our space look bigger?

Lighting is tricky, especially if you feel as though you have to hire a professional to help you swap out some of these lights, but there are many options that you can DIY and help a small space feel larger.

Clearing surface spaces by adding wall sconces

I love to clear as much surface space as I can, especially on the nightstand.

So instead of having too large table lamps, you can install wall sconces instead, so many varieties out there where you can hang them right on your wall and plug them in.

small space look more prominent

You might see a little cord dangling down, so my advice is if you don’t like that look, Look for wall sconces with a built-in arm that conceals the cord and aesthetically becomes part of the entire look.

Try flush mount lighting to make a small spacing larger

small space

Nothing is impacting your line of sight, and it visually just draws your eye up.

You can also bring in tall floor lamps, especially for those dark corners

It will add that visual height you need to have space.

small space look more prominent

But make sure you watch your proportions. In most cases, a low hanging pendant light will make your space feel smaller and more cramped; choose fixtures that feel light and draw the eye.

Make sure your artwork is hanging at the correct height

Look at the painting you have hanging up in your home is at home too low. Even a few inches can make a huge difference.

I would move that single art piece higher on the wall. That makes space feel even more extensive. Another trick I like to use to make that small space feel larger is with one huge statement art piece instead.

small space look more prominent

Art pieces could be costly, too; the link below is some of my favorite resources for large-scale art.

Use tall, vertical bookcases

Suppose you have bookcases and you want to try to source those tall vertical bookcases.

Get rid of those short stubby ones that take up half your wall, not only to talk with cases emphasize all of that gorgeous vertical height in your space.

In that case, it gives you even more room for storage and organization so you can clear all that clutter off the floors.

Take a look at your kitchen. Do you have open space on the top of your cabinets?

I love to use a designer trick to create a makeshift soffit, bring kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling to lead your eye up, and face the look at the taller space.

Finish the soffit look with crown molding to make the space feel even more elevated than it is.

You can also use drapery to make a small space feel larger

The correct time for it to be hung is as high as you can on a window.

This method makes your ceilings look even taller, and you can save a small window by installing the rod even more expansive than the window’s width.

Let’s say you have a tiny two feet window.

Once you install it, I would even install it from 18 inches to two feet wider than that, and if you did that on both sides, it extends the look of the window,

therefore making that elevation look larger than it is and not defined by a tiny little cramp window.

That’s it for all of my tips and tricks to make your small space seem more significant; I go through this list to see what’s most popular and trending out there.

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