Is it possible to make Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Do you want to make your small bathroom feel bigger, brighter, more functional, stylish, and downright fabulous?

Are you looking for small bathroom tips to make the whole bathroom space feel more significant?

I will give you design tips on the easy way to implement your small bathroom to make it look bigger.

If you have a teeny tiny bathroom in your home that needs a makeover, Have more friends and family come over.

I started pulling some inspiration online, which is how I came up with the inspiration.

So many excellent design tips and tricks for small bathrooms, and these are the tips that I want to share with you.

Here are the best ways to turn your powder bathroom, half bathtub, shower combos, and windowless bathrooms into super fabulously designed spaces.

Understand the scale with the size of your bathroom

Toilets need a minimum of 36-inch clearance which means when you’re seated on the toilet, you’ll need 18 inches of clearance on the left and 18 inches of clearance on the right.

Once that space is allotted, you can play around with the bathroom’s footprint and specify the right manatees for a powder room or tub shower combo for a small full bath.

Off for leggy fixtures, like pedestal sinks or vanities with legs, so they lift off of the floor and allow for more visibility into the small space.

Whatever space you have leftover should be applied to the vanity sink. No more, no less.

Floating vanities are also an option to make the small bathroom look more prominent.

What size should my sink be?  There is no minimum measurement for a sink.

Figure out how you want it to function; if all you have room for is a tiny vessel seat or a wall-mounted seat, go for it.

A functional Powder room only needs two things, a sink, and a toilet

Once you understand the minimum allowances you have in the bathroom for fixed needs, like the toilet and this thing, you can start playing around with finishes, colors, and patterns to make the small bathroom feel bigger.

While we’re on fixtures, always choose a wall match a faucet to free up countertop space; there’s a domino effect when choosing a wall-mounted faucet.

You can source a smaller sink and useless countertop material, and the countertop can be more shallow in depth.

You shaved off three or four inches from the countertop with a wall-mounted faucet.

This look is stylish and modern, and bonus points are easy to clean since gravity will help water drip down and not collect on the countertop as a deck-mounted faucet would.

Choose a faucet with a single lever versus two separate handles to free up more countertop space.

How to use color in your small bathroom to make it look larger?

The goal here is to keep it in shallow contrast, keep the color palette light, bright and airy, or deep dark and moody light walls, light fixtures, and light finishes and brightness to space.

You love color; offer a lighter tone like Sky Blue versus a darker royal blue.

Using lightweight window treatments will add to the feeling of airy, open space.

On the flip side, dark walls add depth and create the illusion of a larger space; dark colors are perfect for windowless bathrooms when it’s already very dark in the area; high gloss paint reflects light and helps to bounce it around on all the surfaces.

Remember that dark and moody don’t have to be all black; they can be as dramatic with pattern wallpaper.

If you choose dark walls, remember the importance of a fabulous light fixture.

How do shower doors and the right one to specify for your small bathroom?

Let’s talk about shower doors and the right one to specify for your small bathroom.

My preference is frameless glass doors; you could have a fixed panel on one side and a frameless glass door.

Or you can have a fixed panel and obliterate the door, allowing you to have full access to the shower.

Remember that no doors require a sloped drain, maybe one eight to one-quarter inches more than the recommended slope.

If you have a tub shower combo, get rid of those filter-grade sliding doors.

It’s not that functional; you can only access one side at a time.

Think of sliding closet doors and the extra metal frame to hold it all in place as the visual weight to the room when you want it to feel right in Aries.

You can mix the sliders thoroughly and add a tension rod with a shower curtain that you can pull to one side instead.

Another trick to making small bathrooms larger is sourcing large-scale pattern wallpaper or narrow.

The larger the pattern, the larger space will feel.

Smaller patterns can visually clutter a small space. Unless the design is tone-on-tone and doesn’t have much contrast, the small pattern can have the illusion of a solid color.

If you fall in love with a busier pattern, consider adding wainscoting to the bottom half of the walls painted bright white and layer with the chosen wallpaper up top.

You will raise the visual weight of the room and still provide the visual impact you crave from wallpaper.

A trick to make your small bathroom appear larger is to tile all of the walls from the floor to the ceiling tiling

It’s a two-parter where I’ll be talking about floor tiles and wall tiles.

If you’re worried about wallpaper, consider investing in wall-to-wall tile instead.

You can use any tile for the project; you can specify floor tile, small shower panels; don’t relegate your search to just wall tile;

another budget-conscious and renter-friendly option are to use Peel and Stick wall tile instead of full mosaic sheets.

How does tile on the floors make a bathroom look bigger?

Suppose you want your small bathroom to appear more prominent. Extend the floor tile right into the shower.

Since there are no flooring transitions, this will draw the eye into the whole space and make the entire room feel larger.

The same rule applies to extending floor tile to the shower.

Ensure your shower pan is sloped with proper drainage that runs away from the shower stall opening if you go for this look.

If you don’t have a shower but a tub, run the floor tile up on the tub face seamlessly.

Another tip to make your small back row appear larger is to mirror the entire length of a wall.

The reflection will help visually expand space and double the impact of color or pattern in the area.

If you don’t have a window, the mirror acts like a window furthering the effect.

The light has in the room. Ensure you specify the largest mirror that fits the wall or a custom kind of mirror to install.

I love the look of stone or tile on the bottom half of the bathroom and a full mirror on the upper half of one wall.

Remember not to mirror all of the walls, the Hall of Mirrors effect is dizzying.

You lose the impact, not to mention that it’s a lousy function with all of that energy bouncing back and forth.

Use a ledge or a desk to create bathroom more space.

The perfect spot to place a mirror is on a narrow ledge along the entire bathroom length, with toiletries, candles, and bathroom essentials with a straightforward move.

Doubled your surface storage space

This tip is borrowed from my years designing hotel suites. Long legends look sleek and modern.

They’re only used for daily essentials, and not all of your Costco toiletries are back stock.

If you have bottles and tubes scattered all over the countertops, it will distract you and clutter the space.

use closed storage, such as a linen closet or a vanity with drawers and doors, to keep things neatly tucked away

Small bathroom ideas are about making the most of what you’ve got.

I want to show you that bold design elements can tremendously impact the tiniest of rooms.

The whole bathroom can seem brighter, more spacious more inspiring, and it might just be the catalyst to help you get your entire home on an elevated wavelength.

Remember to always start by measuring your space. Understand the clearances involved and the function you need for the room, and plan accordingly.

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