Get Rid Of German Cockroaches

Easy way to Get Rid Of German Cockroaches

So you’re having a problem with cockroaches in your home?  

Do you want to Get the right cockroaches killer?

We’re going to discuss how to eliminate german cockroach infestation effectively.

Maybe you’re trying to do your pest control. Perhaps you’re a pest control tech, and you’re having problems getting rid of your clients, pest problem.

Let’s go over the steps to getting rid of German cockroaches.

Identify the types of cockroaches in your house

Many different cockroaches can come into a column; you may have problems with oriental cockroaches, lewd roaches, American roaches, German cockroaches, or many other kinds.

Maybe you live in Florida, have problems with Palmetto bugs, but roaches are a roach either way.

So let’s identify the problem so that we know how to tackle it.

Not all coaches are created equal

We’re going to go over German cockroaches because that’s what I get asked about the most, making a German cockroach different from any other cockroach.

German cockroach develops chemical immunity quickly

You need to identify a German cockroach before applying your pesticides because you want to make sure you’re using suitable pesticides for the job.

German cockroaches have two vertical black lines down their back when they’re born out of their egg casing.

When they’re nymph stages now, a cockroach usually about that big goes through the instar phase, which means much like bedbugs.

Much like stinkbugs, roaches shed their skin as they get larger

A lot of people will see a white cockroach or an albino cockroach. These are roaches that have recently molded or shed their skin.

They’re white for a few seconds before they turn the tan brown that we all know of as German cockroaches.

German cockroach will have wings that extend down its back when it’s fully grown

They will cover those two vertical lines, and the only vertical visible line will be just right on the back of their head, and a German cockroach gets to be about an inch long.

Those tan-brown wings are what we typically see when we see a German cockroach.

Other roaches have tan-brown wings like a Woodbridge would roach in woodpiles;

They get into mulch, come from the forests, the woods, and stuff around their homes. They’re attracted to light.

They will come in like a mall, and they’ll come into the house; they can be as big as three inches long, they can be giant cockroaches.

They’re not associated with German roaches, and they don’t crawl around in the garbage. They’re not nasty. They don’t breed spread disease or staph infection like German roaches can do.

You don’t have to be worried about them so much.

People do confuse them with German cockroaches, and they are different.

What is the Different between German and Oriental cockroaches?

Many people call oriental roaches water bugs, and They’re not actual water bugs; they’re oriental cockroaches.

They’re a dark brown, reddish-brown like a brick red type color up to a black color dark; Oriental cockroaches are also more of an oval shape.

A German cockroach is more oblong; they’re long and slender, so there is a difference between those roaches.

How should we treat German roaches?

German cockroaches require a rotation of pesticides. What does that mean?

Pesticides rotation is the critical element of how to get rid of German cockroaches successfully.

The number one problem that people have is not rotating their pesticides will cause the most significant issue of getting rid of German cockroaches.

How are we going to apply the chemical?

German cockroaches develop chemical immunity quickly, So that’s why we need to recognize that this is what we have got in our homes; not all cockroaches are the same.

Treat your home with Alpine WSG. That’s the pesticide; it’s a water-soluble granule, which means it dissolves in water, but it’s a granule.

It’s not a liquid, so you measure it out, pour it into your tank. Always read your label.

Use it in the cracks, crevices, around your kitchen cabinets, baseboards, behind splash block, many different places but always in the gaps and the crevices.

Roaches live in the cracks and crevices of kitchens and bathrooms, and they also live in our bedrooms

Ensure that you treat those areas to keep those roaches from investing in your nightstands and dressers because they will if you have a water source nearby.

Maybe you have a fish tank, and They’ll live around fish tanks, and stuff to German roaches are attracted to water, they will live around your water heaters, especially, so pay attention to these areas.

Where are we going to apply our bait to german cockroaches?

Apply bait everywhere we can spray, so you don’t spray liquid into an appliance, like let’s say you have a coffeemaker or a microwave oven.

A place that you plug your charger in beside the bed for your phone, and you find that the roaches are living up behind the charger.

Charger always pulls current to stay warm, and the cockroaches like to live in a warm place.

Does a little bit of poison at the rod, the roaches can come out, and it’s a place they’re going to be because it’s an electrical source, so they like electricity too, like warm places.

Chemical resistance for German Cockroaches

German roaches have a unique feature to become immune to pesticides.

If a pesticide is used regularly around their area, every month, or maybe every other week or so, they will develop an immunity to that chemicals.

If you have 100 cockroaches and 80%  roaches dead from pesticides, 20% don’t die because they have an immunity to be killed.

They will pass that immunity gene on to their offspring, and their offspring will.

They’re not dead because those babies are grown up now, and they are immune to the chemical too, and it would be best if you used something different pesticides.

How often should we use and rotating the chemical?

The reason why to rotate chemicals is that roaches will develop an immunity.

If you’re having problems getting rid of the German roaches, use something different. You’ll want to rotate your chemicals.

Use at least two or three different chemicals.

The following month, you do the same application the same way, maybe use a different thing, maybe switch from add beyond and use something like maybe Maxforce, or perhaps you’ll want to use like an Alpine WSG, you can use Alpine WSG makes the big two that you can.

But then, in three months. Even if it like every month, Rotate your chemicals;

So next month, when you come in, you’re going to use a different chemical. The month after, you will use something different from what you used both other visits, and typically by then, All the roaches are dead.

You can also do this rotation every two weeks if you want to do a quick or not found on your roach problem, and This is what we call a clean-out service in the pest control industry.

We have general pest control, which we typically do every month, every quarter, or Every three months, Don’t use the same pesticide you use the first time.

Still, typically during that clean-out service, you’re doing a massive knockdown; you’re killing as many roaches as you can.

How do we Prevent German cockroaches ‘ problems again in the future?

Maybe you had a friend, family relatives, somebody who came and visited you for a holiday and brought roaches with them.

Tell them they need to spray their house, tell them they need to get a pest control guy out there, kill the bugs, or show them this article and maybe they can do it themselves and get rid of their bugs. Try my other article on how to stop and prevent cockroaches.

Where usually the cockroach comes from?

It is your favorite Chinese restaurant, Mexican restaurant, and many restaurants in general, Many of them deal with a lot of paper products, cardboard boxes, and paper bags.

Check with them, make sure they have regular pest control; if not, don’t buy food from them because more than likely if that’s how you brought them in the house.

German roaches like to eat the glue that holds bags and boxes together.

So it’s ubiquitous to bring them to your home in paper bags and cardboard boxes.

So keep this in mind, maybe you’re buying bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco or somewhere like that, you can bring in roaches this way, so hopefully, this blog has helped you and taught you how to get rid of German cockroaches in easy steps.

It isn’t that hard, cost-effective, maybe not so cost-effective; if you’re talking about all the different pesticides, you would have to buy to do it yourself.

you may still be better off hiring a professional;

I recommend hiring a professional for the elimination of German cockroaches. Still, you may be able to get rid of them yourself if you can, catch a sale on e-commerce for pesticides.

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