Benjamin Moore Paint Costs

Benjamin Moore paints are renowned for their premium quality and beautiful colors, but they also come with a higher price tag than many other leading paint brands. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down Benjamin Moore’s pricing on everything from their most popular interior and exterior paint lines to primers, specialty coatings, color samples, and more.

Overview of Benjamin Moore Paint Pricing

Benjamin Moore paints fall into the “premium” category and are priced accordingly. Their most popular interior paint lines like Aura, Regal Select, and Advance will cost $50-70+ per gallon at full retail price. More affordable options like Ultra Spec and Ben line interior paints run closer to $35-50 per gallon.

For comparison, brands like Behr and Valspar at Home Depot and Lowe’s are typically priced between $25-45 per gallon. So Benjamin Moore paint does come at a premium – you’re looking at paying $10-30 more per gallon compared to mainstream DIY paint brands.

However, Benjamin Moore fans tout noticeably better hide, durability, and color quality with these architectural paints. And by buying directly at a paint store or taking advantage of frequent sales, it’s possible to get 30-40% off the MSRP to help offset the higher prices.

Below we’ll break down the pricing in detail across Benjamin Moore’s many paint lines and products:

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Lines

Aura Interior Paint

  • MSRP: $68-88 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $50-70 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore’s top of the line interior paint. Provides exceptional hide and a smooth uniform finish.

Regal Select Interior Paint

  • MSRP: $54-68 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $40-55 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore’s most popular premium interior line. Combines quality and value.

Advance Interior Paint

  • MSRP: $54-68 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $40-55 per gallon
  • High performance alkyd/acrylic hybrid. Self-levels beautifully.

Ben Interior Paint

  • MSRP: $42-46 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $32-38 per gallon
  • A more affordable interior paint line from Benjamin Moore.

Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint

  • MSRP: $50-52 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $35-40 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore’s mid-tier interior offering. Combines quality and affordability.

Chalkboard Paint

  • MSRP: $46-49 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $35-40 per gallon
  • Specialty paint that turns any wall into a chalkboard.

Ceiling Paint

  • MSRP: $42-46 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $32-38 per gallon
  • Specifically designed for painting ceilings. Bright white colors, spatter-resistant.

Primer, Tintable Primer, Stain Blocker

  • MSRP: $42-49 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $32-40 per gallon
  • Wide range of specialty Benjamin Moore primers available.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Lines

Aura Exterior Paint

  • MSRP: $68-88 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $50-70 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore’s premium exterior paint. Excellent durability and color retention.

Regal Select Exterior Paint

  • MSRP: $54-68 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $40-55 per gallon
  • Provides outstanding protection in a broad range of colors.

Ultra Spec Exterior Paint

  • MSRP: $46-52 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $35-40 per gallon
  • A mid-priced yet durable Benjamin Moore exterior coating.

Fresh Start Primer

  • MSRP: $42-49 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $32-40 per gallon
  • Specialty primer for use under Benjamin Moore exterior paints.

MoorGard, MoorGlo, MoorLife, Ben Exterior Paints

  • MSRP: $42-60 per gallon
  • Sale Prices: $32-50 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore’s other exterior paint lines. Specific uses like decks, siding, masonry.

Benjamin Moore Paint Prices by Container Size

Benjamin Moore offers their paints in a variety of container sizes beyond just gallons:

  • Quarts: $25-40 per quart
  • Gallons: $40-90 per gallon
  • 5 Gallons: $200-300+ per 5 gallon bucket

The per-gallon price usually only drops a few dollars when buying 5 gallon buckets. However, the larger size is convenient for big jobs.

Benjamin Moore Color Samples and Fans

To pick out colors, Benjamin Moore offers:

  • Color Sample Cards: $3-5 per card
  • Color Sample Fans: $10-15 per fan
  • Individual Color Chips: $5 per chip

The color sample cards and small individual chips allow you to test colors before committing to a full gallon. The fans provide a wider selection of colors to browse.

Where to Get the Best Benjamin Moore Paint Prices

Benjamin Moore sets a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) that prevents retailers from heavily discounting below MSRP. However, you can still save 10-40% off retail if you know where to shop:

  • Big Box Stores: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, True Value – Average 10-20% off Benjamin Moore paints.
  • Independent Paint Stores: Paint shops that exclusively sell paint offer larger discounts around 30-40% off MSRP during sales.
  • Benjamin Moore Website: Periodic sales offered on the company’s website, usually around 15% off retail price.
  • Painter Discounts: Professional painters can access accounts that offer lower pre-negotiated pricing on Benjamin Moore paints.

To maximize savings, look for additional coupons at big box retailers or stack paint store sales on top of seasonal promotions and rebates directly from Benjamin Moore.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Worth the Higher Price?

The big question many consumers have is whether Benjamin Moore is worth paying up to $30 more per gallon relative to Home Depot and Lowe’s mainstream brands like Behr, Valspar, and Glidden.

There are several key factors that help justify Benjamin Moore’s premium pricing for most interior designers and painting contractors:

  • Superior Hide: Exceptional coverage and hide even over dark colors. Fewer coats needed.
  • Stunning Color Palette: Unmatched selection of 3,500+ beautiful, lifelike colors.
  • Durability and Longevity: Harder, more durable cured paint film resists scuffs, stains, and wear.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: No fillers used. Creamy application. Low VOCs.
  • Ideal for Discriminating Tastes: Ideal for upscale homes where quality is paramount.
  • Consistent Results: Uniform quality and appearance when painting large surfaces.
  • Prestige Factor: Benjamin Moore brand has an upscale cachet that homeowners desire.

For large painting jobs, the cost difference between a premium Benjamin Moore paint and a budget brand ends up being fairly negligible on a per room or total job basis. And there can be significant tangible benefits in terms of having to use less paint and get better results.

Many thrifty DIYers have found success using cheaper paints brands on areas like kids rooms, basement spaces, and for small touch-ups. But for more visible living areas, they still choose Benjamin Moore for its reputation and quality.

How Much More Expensive is Benjamin Moore Paint?

To give a sense of how Benjamin Moore paint prices compare to other popular national brands, here is an overview of average per-gallon pricing:

Paint BrandAverage Price Per Gallon
Behr from Home Depot$25-45
Valspar from Lowe’s$25-40
Glidden from Home Depot$25-35
Benjamin Moore$50-80

As you can see, on average across their different product lines, Benjamin Moore paints are $10-30 more expensive per gallon compared to mainstream consumer brands like Behr and Valspar.

The price difference is less significant compared to the upscale Sherwin-Williams brand – BM and SW paints are similarly priced in their premium offerings. But Benjamin Moore does position itself as a step up from DIY brands marketed heavily in home improvement stores.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint More Expensive Than Sherwin-Williams?

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are considered the top two premium architectural paint brands in the industry. Both offer high-quality paints priced significantly above mainstream consumer brands.

When it comes to Benjamin Moore vs. Sherwin-Williams pricing, there is lots of overlap – it depends on which specific products you compare:

  • For mid-tier paints like Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec or Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint, expect to pay around $50-70 per gallon for either brand.
  • On the high end, Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal Select and Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Duration cost approximately $60-90 per gallon.
  • Primers like Benjamin Moore Fresh Start and Sherwin-Williams Premium Wall & Wood Primer run $40-50 per gallon normally.

So when comparing apples-to-apples products, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paints are very similarly priced overall. There is no clear winner in terms of which brand is “more expensive.”

However, Benjamin Moore does offer more frequent sales through independent paint stores. This allows you to routinely buy BM paints for 30-40% off retail, giving them an advantage over Sherwin-Williams’ limited sales.

Both brands justify higher prices than DIY paints by offering professional-quality ingredients, excellent hide and coverage, and premium aesthetics. For large interior and exterior paint jobs, the cost difference ends up being minor in the big picture.

How Much Does a Gallon of Benjamin Moore Paint Cover?

One major advantage of Benjamin Moore paints is that they offer exceptional hide and coverage. So how far will a single gallon go when painting?

  • Walls: Approximately 400-500 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Ceilings: Up to 500 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Trim/Doors: Around 150-200 sq. ft. per gallon

This assumes painting over previously coated surfaces in good condition. If painting bare drywall or making a drastic color change, less coverage per gallon should be expected.

Factors like the color being painted, paint line, sheen, and application method also impact exact coverage rates. But in general, the above numbers serve as a good benchmark for how much you can cover with one gallon of Benjamin Moore paint.

The superior hide and coverage (as well as leveling and durability) does justify the premium prices Benjamin Moore commands over cheaper DIY paint brands. You’ll often find yourself getting an extra room or two painted with the same amount of Benjamin Moore paint.

Does Benjamin Moore Have a Good 1 Coat Paint?

Benjamin Moore does produce several interior and exterior paint lines that can effectively provide full hide and coverage in just one coat when painting over similar colors:

Benjamin Moore One-Coat Paint Options:

  • Aura Interior Paint
  • Regal Select Interior Paint
  • Aura Exterior Paint
  • Regal Select Exterior Paint

However, you’ll get best results using two coats even with these premium Benjamin Moore paints, especially when making a dramatic color change or painting over an uncoated surface.

Factors like properly prepping and priming the surfaces, using the right applicator, and maintaining a wet edge also impact whether true one-coat coverage is achieved.

While Benjamin Moore’s claims of one-coat coverage are based on ideal conditions, most users still find two coats are needed for flawless results. But the superior hide does allow for less paint to be used overall compared to cheap paints requiring three or more coats.

Pricing Summary on Benjamin Moore Paint

To recap Benjamin Moore pricing:

  • Premium interior and exterior paint lines cost $50-90 per gallon at full retail price.
  • More affordable product lines like Ultra Spec and Ben run $35-50 per gallon.
  • Primers, ceilings paints, and specialty products are mostly $30-60 per gallon.
  • Quarts and samples are $5-40. Five gallon buckets $200-300.
  • Paint retailers can offer 10-40% off MSRP through sales and volume discounts.
  • The higher pricing reflects Benjamin Moore’s outstanding reputation and quality ingredients.

While costing more upfront than DIY brands, Benjamin Moore offers great value for discriminating homeowners and pros who don’t want to compromise on aesthetics and results. Taking advantage of sales opportunities can help offset the premium pricing on these architectural paints.

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